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Take a look at the food above. Would you be happy eating kibble or tinned dog food every day? Dry kibble, over-processed, full of preservatives, and fashioned into barely digestible pellets. Or tinned food made with the meat by-products that wouldn't be passed for human consumption. Your dog's meal should contain and look like real food, freshly made and packed with natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins, just like you make yourself. And just like our Rich Beef Stew, Chicken Casserole and Braised Lamb Hotpot recipes.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing happy, healthy dogs. They are family members and deserve the very best you can give them to ensure a long and active life.

Many kibble-based products undergo numerous heating stages, effectively destroying the natural nutrients that are essential for your dog's health, and so need to have vitamins, minerals and fats sprayed onto them at the end of the manufacturing process. Enough to survive on, but there's a big difference between surviving and thriving.

Have you also wondered why kibble can remain in the bag for so long without going bad? Packed with preservatives, kibble products can be sitting in a warehouse for months on end before even making it to the supermarket shelf.

Tinned food fares no better. What counts as a 'meat' source can cover a wide range. Whole, ground carcasses may be used, including animals that are sick, diseased or dying. The bottom line is that what's in the can bears little or no relation to the meats on display in your local supermarket. You certainly wouldn't eat this stuff yourself, and neither should your dog. 

We see so many dogs suffering from illnesses, allergies and skin conditions that prevent them from enjoying a happy and active life, and the question has to be raised whether an artificial, processed diet plays a significant role. Some owners have decided to feed their dog raw meat instead. This can certainly be beneficial, but you need to make sure that you provide a complete and balanced diet, and of course with uncooked food you also need to ensure that it is free of any harmful bacteria such as salmonella, listeria and E. coli. Indeed some scientists are criticising the trend for feeding raw meat due to the potential dangers to both dogs and their owners.

So, we set out to provide an alternative here in New Zealand. Freshly cooked, human-grade food, 100% natural, and no preservatives. We took the advice of leading nutritionists to develop a range of complete and balanced meals suitable for all dogs and life-stages, and in accordance with the nutritional standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). All our meals are made by hand and then cooked in small batches and quickly frozen to preserve taste, nutrition and freshness. We only use New Zealand meat, vegetables and herbs, the very same that you would use at home to cook your family meals. We also operate on an order-cook-freeze-deliver basis, so you can be sure that your meals are delivered to you within days of being made.  

We all know you are what you eat. Give your dogs the best and watch them thrive!